Thursday, 26 May 2011

Installation at Cockenzie Harbour

Last night I finally installed my large concrete piece, at Cockenzie Harbour, East Lothian, after several months of making. It was a team effort, with several people from the 3 Harbours Festival helping with 2 big ladders and ropes and chains! It was a bit nerve wracking for me to see my piece hoisted up the side of the pillar by a rope but it all went well and done within the one hour window before the tide came in. Michael Wolchover was there to photograph and document the process,
I am interested to see how the limecrete and recycled materials fare in the windy sea environment, and look forward to some weathering and erroding.
The 3 Harbours Festival opens on Friday 27th May and info is at I also have a smaller sculpture and jewellery in the Power Station exhibition.
My piece will be in the Harbour for several weeks before it comes down and then I will look for  new home for it.

Monday, 9 May 2011

concrete and conversations

I have had an enjoyable conversation with Hannah Longmuir as part of a blog that Cameo Curio are doing about creativity, 'Month of marks' for May see , a really interesting collection of interviews, thoughts and comments on all aspects of creativity .
I am also in the middle of making a large concrete piece for 3 Harbours Festival, , subtitled , 'art in unusual places' , i am making work for both within the Cockenzie Power station and also on a 'plinth' in the harbour at Cockenzie.

This work has been started as part of my time at Sunderland University Glass and Ceramics Dept during my AA2A( Artists Access to Art Colleges) residency. It is exciting and slightly daunting to make such a big piece and challenging me to work in another medium to clay. I am using  a concrete which I am trying to make as low impact on environment as possible, using limecrete and recycled aggretages, with a base of recycled polystyrene. lots more to do on it, updates to follow.