Tuesday, 8 November 2011

news autumn 2011

I have been quietly working away here at the studio over the last few months. I have been away on a few trips, including an inspiring and enjoyable visit to the London Design Festival, as well as a stint of civic duty on jury service.
Jewellery - new designs are now available , from Concrete Wardrobe and City Art Centre, Edinburgh and also Open Studios in December
Organic Ceramic Evening Classes - 2 blocks have been successfully completed, and final 3 week course to start next week ( fully booked) New spring dates to be announced shortly.
Open Studio - Coburg House Dec 3 and 4th, lots to see as usual
Threave Gardens - I had an interesting visit to the National Trust gardens near Dumfries recently and will be putting one of my large my concrete forms there in the new and developing sculpture garden being created there.
Conversations - I am having a series of interesting chats with garden designers, landscape architects about gardens, sculpture and design and really enjoying the interactions.
New Website - I am about to design a new website, with the help of Colin Usher, so that it reflects my current work and can be easily updated.
Reflection Exhibition at City Art Centre -  I am busy sanding and polishing 200+ small porcelain pieces as part of installation at exhibition which opens on 19th Nov of recipients of awards from Edinburgh Council arts awards.

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